Is there correct way to backup a softlicencer?

I know there’s some issues with Windows 10 but since my dirty laptop with Windows 8.1 needs a refresh I want to install W10 instead of W8.1 and then W10 (I don’t want to do this two times)

I have Cubase PRO 8 in my Studio Pc using elicencer (this will wait until official support) and Cubase AI in my laptop using softlicencer. But I don’t know how to backup it before the new install. Any advice?


Aloha d,

One approach would be to make a ‘bootable back-up’ by ‘cloning’
the laptop’s hard drive to an external drive.

That way you have an exact copy of everything on your hard drive (at the time of cloning).

And since the clone is ‘bootable’, it takes very little time to restore the computer
to a former condition/configuration.

On a Mac I would use an app like ‘Carbon Copy Cloner’ or ‘Super Duper’
but I am sure there is similar (if not the same) stuff available for P.C.s.

Good luck!

Somehow my post got mixup with a response :S

BTW I want to backup the softlicencer so I can restore it when I had W10 installed in my laptop.

Hello distante,

there is no correct way to back up a Soft-eLicenser for this purpose - the update to Windows 10 will change the system ID and the Soft-eLicenser will be ‘deprecated’ or corrupt. A cloned disk would not help here. This means that you will need to reactivate the license.

Please, make sure that the Soft-eLicenser is registered to your MySteinberg. If your Soft-eLicenser shows up as corrupt after the upgrade (assuming it’s not a clean install), you can use the Installation Helper to create a new, empty one and then you can reactivate the license via MySteinberg.


Hello Fabio,

luckily even when the update deleted the eLicencer software, when I reinstall it my licences where there.


Yes, the license is stored on a different location than the program itself.
But did you upgrade to Windows 10 and the Soft-eLicense is still good and the licenses recognised? :open_mouth:

Yes looks like that.

I didn’t have too much time to test it but Cubase AI 7 opens and plays the demo project correctly