Is there no way to do "repeat last 8 bars" (using shift-R %8)?

Was about to do it but doesn’t seem possible? (just double-checking).

  • D.D.

No, you can create bar repeats for 1, 2, and 4 bars only.

Not the end of the world but could be nice to add down the line…

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+1 :exclamation:

You really want to show eight bars, all of them empty, except for at the end of the fourth bar you want eight slashes drawn with a dot to either side and an 8 above the staff? And you want to force all eight of those bars to be on the same system?

If I’m putting 8 bars/system of a score of highly repetitive music, I would definitely like the option to indicate on a single page for a specific part “repeat the 8 bars of material that was on the previous page for that part” as a simpler structural shorthand for the conductor (just encountered that last night in a score I was copying and was surprised it wasn’t possible).

  • D.D.

+1, and it would be nice to be able to repeat three or five bar phrases.

Just needed this today for solo changes in a jazz chart.

Since this is bumped up, I’d like to see some more flexibility here too. I might not personally use an 8-bar repeat, but it certainly would not be uncommon to see in a rhythm section part of a tune with an AABA structure.

Addressing the above request for 3 or 5 bar phrases, I’m not sure I’ve ever actually seen a 3-bar repeat sign, but there certainly plenty of compositions employing repetitive 3-bar phrases. Freddie Hubbard’s One of a Kind and Branford Marsalis’s Citizen Tain immediately come to mind as fairly well-known examples. It might look a little odd as it wouldn’t be spanning a barline, but I would think there’s nothing really prohibiting it from a notational standpoint in situations like those two compositions.

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