Is there no way to make tuplets 3:2 in one key?

I know typing 3 and enter does that but that’s already 3 keys(; + 3 + enter).

Is there really no way to this natively in dorico??

There is no key command mapped for a simple “triplet.” You could get it down to 2 keys, if you copy the triplet value you want and then selecting the first note you want to transfer that to and ctrl/cmd + V.

Make a macro. AHK on Windows, or Keyboard Maestro on Mac. It’s simple and incredibly powerful.

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I have complained about this on numerous occasions.

What would be even better would be single key that made a “one shot” 3:2 tuplets (reverting to non-tuplet after one complete tuplet).

That can’t be ahk’ed as far as I know.

One suggestion I’ve made in the past is to make ; create a 3:2, and have an altered binding (ctrl+; or something) open the popover. But really I’d say for most stuff 3:2 is what you want at least 95% of the time.

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I use dorico for transcribing jazz solos and 3:2 tuplets are extremely common… Sigh… I really hope dorico would add this in the key command option…

You can of course alt-click an existing tuplet to copy that tuplet to a new location, before you enter the notes!


I have Create Tuplet and End Tuplet mapped to the / and * keys of the numpad, that way I don’t need to move my hand for triplets. (8th-note triplets: 5 / 3 Enter, all under my fingers.) Not so much about # of keystrokes, more about ergonomics.


Is there a way to set up such a key command within Dorico? No.
Is there a way to edit the keycommands JSON file in such a way that you can use a key command within Dorico? Yes.

Nothing’s changed since One-button shortcut for tuplets? - #9 by fkretlow - it still works fine in 3.5.


I use these two approaches. Generally when inputting I have one hand on my MIDI keyboard and one on the Numpad. Taking my hand off either really slows me down so I have numpad 1 defined to be a 3:2 tuplet, and numpad 2 to stop tuplets. Using pitch first input I just hit numpad 1, play the note, hit the duration (on the numpad), 2 to create a single triplet. For more complex tuplets I have to take my hand off the MIDI keyboard anyway to type 5:4 or whatever so I don’t mind reaching over to hit ;. Numpad 2 will still stop whatever tuplet entry once I’m back inputting.