Is there really no way to zoom vertically in the piano roll w/ MOUSEWHEEL?

Hi, I’m nearly losing my mind over this:

The horizontal zoom works fine by pressing CTRL+MW, but why is there no vertical zoom? I need that to get an overview of the midi and to orient myself, especially when using keyswitches or larger ensamble patches that span more than 4 or 5 octaves.

Using the hotkey on the keyboard is just no alternative, it’s too slow and interrupts my workflow completely. There has to be a way to set that up somewhere, but I can’t find it?

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I’m sorry, there is no way.


This is so werid?! Every other program I use has proper mousewheel zoom in all directions, it’s so essential in many applications.

As far as I can tell CTRL+SHIFT at the moment does nothing with the mouswheel, it wouldn’t need that much to implement and as far as I can tell from forum and reddit posts is that people have been asking for this more than a decade. :melting_face:

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This is a DAW. Not like every other program.
There are two possible things that you can zoom… track size and data size inside the tracks.
These two possibilities have there sliders on the right side of the project panel.
You can hover the mouse over these areas to zoom.
And these are available in some editors as well.

Both are already in use. CTRL (STRG) + wheel zooms horizontal, and ALT scrolls horizontal.

EDIT: the horizontal scroll with the ALT-key and the mouse wheel works only in the project window. Hmmm.

I don’t understand what point you are trying to make. It’s a computer program and like all computer programs the UX benefits greatly from following certain established conventions. I expect every single program to use CTRL+Z as a keyboard shortcut for Undo for instance.

@Sister_Friede You can get around this shortcoming by using a 3rd party application called AutoHotKey. In essence, it is a scripting application that allows you to re-assign keyboard presses to send other keyboard keys.
Once installed, you can easily create script files (just plain text files) to re-assign keyboard actions or mouse actions. It can even send and receive MIDI with some clever scripting.
Below is an example of a script file that will re-assign the mouse wheel to send keystrokes.

SendMode Input
SetWorkingDir %A_ScriptDir%
#SingleInstance force

;The plus sign indicates that SHIFT is held
Send +G 

Send +G

AutoHotKey has a large user base and is well documented, so finding help online is a breeze. I’d be happy to assist as well if needed.


Sorry, this is such a maddening repsonse?! Using a DAW is not something special, it’s just like any other application, especially creative ones. Every other DAW I’ve worked with has horizontal and vertical mousewheel zoom.

And I already told you that the options in Cubase for vertical scroll are no alternative to me because they are to slow, you’d know that if you’d worked in any other application. For DAWs: Studio One has it, Reaper has it, FL Studio has it.

If you don’t think that’s an issue that just means that your workflow is very different, but I’m heavily reliant on detailed midi programming in the piano roll editor and I constantly need to readjust my view on the parts I’m editing.

Thank you @mlindeb for actually trying to help, I’ll take a look at the script when I have some time! I just hope it’s possible to not make it interfere with other cuabse hotkeys :smiley:

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I know its not exactly what you’re asking for, but if you select the tracks you want an hit “z” those tracks will enlarge.

you can zoom in with “+”, scrolling with mouse over the right down scroll bar and also clicking and moving horizontally in the white line at the left of the left keyboard.
You can also return to “focus” area with a macro including the “zoom to selection” parameter. I can share the macro.
These are super fast methods, maybe I don´t get what you are requesting.

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in this case better use expression maps and open the articulation menu in the lower zone, this way you see key switches and normal notes in the same window without having to scroll.