Is there something similar to smart object/link in Cubase?

In photoshop you can make a template that automatically copies a opened picture into a second layer and applies effects or similar in that layer to the copy.

Is there something similar in cubase? Like, making a template that automatically copies and pans an audio clip you put in left/right?

Im sorry if this is a stupid question, which it probably is. It just bugged me after i did some photoshopping.

Hi and welcome,

I’m not sure I do understand your use case to 100%.

In Cubase, you can create a template project, what is your starting point. File > Save As Template.

I’m not certain what you mean either, but you can make templates as Martin says.

On a smaller level, you can duplicate tracks in the arrange page. you can also copy and paste track settings in the mixer and you can make a preset of any track.

You can export and import groups of tracks, for example 6 bv mono audio tracks, routed to a group called “bvs” with a de-esser and compressor insert.

You can import any track type from any project too.

I think the OP question will make a lot more sense if you replace the word template with Logical Preset. I believe, and correct me if I’m wrong, that what you want is a key command that will execute a set of predefined actions. Is that correct?

If so you can accomplish this to some degree with Macros and the Project Logical Editor (if you have Cubase Pro).

Now, what specific actions do you want accomplish?

Indeed, Macros in Cubase could be compared to Actions (which actually are macros) in Photoshop.
Smart (linked) objects in Photoshop are more like shared copies of events in Cubase.