Is there still staff limitations in Score Editor?

Hello folks

Related to this thread in the Cubase 8 forum…

Is there still a limit of 127 staves in the Score Editor now that we’re on Cubase 9?


Yes, no change, I’m afraid.

Personally I don’t see any use for so many staves on a page, but I can understand it may be useful for your way of working.

Yeah, I generally prefer to keep everything on separate midi tracks rather than use keyswitches/expression-maps, and I work almost exclusively in the Score Editor so, since my orchestral template has over 200 tracks the 127 stave limit is a bit irritating.
But I’ve just rebuilt my template with expression maps so we’ll see how it goes.

Thanks anyway! :slight_smile:

All I can say is that you’re heading in the right direction :wink:

There is nothing ridiculous about entering notes by the mouse, I do the same and also use computer keyboard mode.

Regarding your question, you could use Dynamics Mapping.
Setup your controller and its values for Dynamics, then simply put the desired symbol under the notes you enter.