Is there such a thing as a Morph plugin?


I’ve been manually creating a technique for morphing two sounds, but it’s kinda labour intensive.

You guys know if there’s a vst plug that will allow me to morph one audio sound into another, you know, say
a dog barking morphs into a jet plane…that sorta thing…



have a look at prosoniq morph…

Hey, this looks promising!

Thanks m8

Mac only, though?

If you have Kontakt 4, you can do some interesting stuff with AET, but it’s more for building sample-based sounds that dynamically respond to performance expression than morphing between audio streams.

At the risk of stating the obvious, can you achieve what you want by simple cross-fading?

Morphing is a pretty wide area, depending on what you want to do. Reaktor can morph effects in realtime synthesis, WaveLab can morph effects on static audio files, vocoders can morph one sound onto another – most typically vocals onto keyboards, but it might be worth trying for your application.

If you haven’t already found what you need, give us some more detail on what you want to achieve, and some idea of what your source material is like.

There are some VST instruments (plugins) that can morph their own sounds, so I suppose if you were able to load up two WAV files of your samples you morph between them.

Two VST plugins that I know that offer sound morphing or mutating between two or more audio sources are

Alchemy (Camel Audio). According to its manual “You can morph or crossfade between sources. You can import your own samples from SFZ, WAV or AIFF files.”

MorphoX (LinPlug). According to its Web site, “the sound can be continuously morphed between two individual sounds including effects using the modulation wheel.”

Absynth (Native Instruments) also has a waveform morphing function, so if you created two different sounds from within Absynth using its waveforms or custom Absynth waveforms you’ve created, you can morph them into a new waveform that Absynth calls a Morph Wave.

You can probably find other examples by searching the plugin database at KVR Audio (

Wow! AU only!? I know for a fact there was a VST version … I’ve used it on a friend’s rig.


As far as I remember, Prosoniq got really pissed off with PC piracy,that they were the first to react badly,and they then went only Mac ! :smiley: …happened quite a few years ago now.

and Yes the did Morph for PC,