Is there supposed to be a popup menu when you right-click on an audio event?

I could have sworn that Cubase used to give me a pop-up menu when I right-click on a recorded clip (event). When I right-click, nothing happens. I can use the main menu of course, but it is usually a lot more convenient to use the popup menus.

For example, if I wanted to bounce a clip, I would expect to right-click and select Bounce from the popup menu.

Am I imagining things or is my system broken?

Right-click opens a tool menu (not a fan - use keyboard shortcuts folks!) Alt+right click opens up a context-sensitive menu. You have to continue holding the right click though, which is silly.

I hope Steinberg ditches the tool menu (keyboard shortcuts) and just makes the context-sensitive menu standard on right-click. Though that would almost certainly make the heads explode of long-time users who developed bad habits.

You can enable the context menu in preferences by disabling the tool menu option. Can’t remember where it is exactly, in editing I think.

Preferences/Editing/Tools, uncheck Pop-Up Toolbox on Right Click

Other option is just to use the Control or Alt key then right click

Thanks guys! Didn’t know there was a preference for that. Much better!

I second that. That is a really peculiar choice of defaults by Steinberg. Just about every other app, and especially every other DAW does a popup menu when you right-click. What were they thinking?

Anyway, I’m glad to hear my installation isn’t broken and that there is a way to make it work more sensibly.

Yeah the biggest issue people have is that this ‘old’ style context menu previously had the tools listed at the top so you could get to them quicker, now they’re in a sub menu.

I don’t know why the don’t have a held right click opens the smaller tools menu, and a normal click brings up context menu - it would be much more user friendly.

Now that makes too much sense dont ya think? :sunglasses:

I totally get that some people are just used to the Tools menu on pop-up and like it, but it’s a bad habit Cubase allowed users to build. Key bindings are faster and much easier on your wrists than using a mouse to select a tool.

But, I’m happy there’s a Preference.