Is there way to trigger Solo Side channel via Computer Keyboard?

Ok here is what I am trying to do:

  1. I have key command for listening mono (MID) signal. I done it via studio/control room/main/downmix presets and make mono preset which I set to be triggered in: File/key commands/control room/“Select next downmix preset” - so whenever I press that key on my pc keyboard I am able to listen only mono signal and that’s all good.

  2. Now I want to set same thing but just to solo SIDE channel. Unfortunately there is no such a preset in “downmix presets”. Is there any way I can assign this? I know it can be done via generic remote control if I put voxengo MSED on insert slot but I have to trigger it with midi controller instead via PC keyboard.

Is there way to trigger generic remote command with PC keyboard?