Is this a bug or am I an idiot?

N7.5 Trial.

After saving a project with some audio in it I’ve removed all of the audio and midi parts ans save the resultant empty project as a new Template.

I then start a new project, create a new folder and recall the newly created template.

At this point the new folder contains two folders: Audio and Images, both of which are empty.

If I then select Media and Open Pool Window, the Project Folder is shown correctly and the Pool Record folder is shown as Media\Audio (I don’t know where that is). It also displays a file in the audio folder which relates to the original project (from which I created the template) and two other files in the Trash. If I try and delete these files they are removed from the original project’s folder! - which is pretty disastrous.

Surely the newly created project should have a completely empty pool at this point.

By emptying the pool in newly created projects I’m deleting audio from other extant projects!

Is this a bug or am I an idiot?

Not sure where you got Nuendo 7.5 from…

In your template file while in pool window choose to remove all unused audio (it should move everything to the trash as I assume it’s not in use in the project window). Then choose to empty trash and “remove from pool” - this won’t erase the audio but will just remove it from the pool in that project. Your trash should now be empty. Save that as the template and it should be good to go.

Thanks I’ll try that. I would have thought that creating a template should be easier than that.

I meant N7 Trial (wishful thinking).

Just as I thought, I am an idiot although my mother always said I was special.