Is this a bug. Range selector issues with automation

Ill try and explain this properly.
I’m used to using the range selector tool to highlight a section and use the handles on the selection on the automation track below to raise or lower volume. When i highlight a region i see the handles appear on the range in the automation track and i can drag up or down etc.

Last night I spent ages trying to do this on some guitar tracks but struggled to get the handles. It looked like just a selection with nothing to adjust. It took me ages to realise they are there, but i had to zoom the track to get to them. They wouldnt show at the current zoom level which was set to show tracks 2 lines high.
These tracks are in a group so i can control all the volumes with one slider. Not in a folder though.
I tried exactly the same with other audio tracks (with the same 2 line zoom level) that weren’t grouped and it worked as expected.

Is this working correctly or a bug?

Windows 10, CB 11 Pro up to date.