Is this a bug?

It’s a question: Is this a bug? …not a statement :wink:

Here I have a MIDI Part. All MIDI inputs. It is looping in record mode. Snap is off (same behaviour if on).

I want to write MOD data only - assigned to a fader in a MIDI controller (Nektar P1) . The track is red, the red button in the transport bar is red, The red button in the Key Editor (t.l.) is red.

As my fader is moved, I can see different numerical values for the CC running, but there is no transcription to a line on the controller lane? Sometimes I notice that the gradual smooth motion of the fader is displays as great numerical leaps.
Sometimes I get it to work, sometimes what my lame brain, half asleep thinks, is that replicating the same steps produced nothing.

I think this must be Cubase (or a schoolboy error). If the value is being read by Cubase.

So not able to write MOD data to my key editor here - currently.

Are others experiencing this

Is your Nektar P1 also being used as input to either Quick Controls or a Generic Remote? (If so, this “swallows up” any used parameters there from being active in the main Project window.)

This unit has now gone back to manufaturer - after support calls.

FYI these issues were spotted. Installer not functioning well, subsequent downloads produce different resluts. With a fader correctly set up in Cubase and track on record, numerical values showing up but no record (track set to all MIDI) . No quick controls.

Sometimes, it writes most times it does not. Sometimes it writes expression data AND MOD data when fader is only mapped for MOD.
Sometimes it can control transport functions sometimes these are dead.

Two MIDI cables tried two ports.


but hey thanks Vic for the input.