Is This a Glitch? (Volume handles and fades)

The manual says you can use the draw tool to create volume ramps by clicking on a selected event which creates a curve point. My draw tool doesn’t do anything when I click on a selected event. It also says that if you roll the cursor over a selected event, two triangular handles will appear in the upper corners of the event that can be used to create fades. I have no triangles. I do have two squares in the lower corners of the event but they don’t seem to do anything either. Any Ideas?


Try an audio event.

Yes, It is an audio event and also a preset drum loop. Not sure if being a preset loop makes a difference.


The darkness can be afdjusted in the preferences, also showing the event names (also a preference) makes seeing the handles difficult.

I appreciate the help but the handles really just aren’t there. I did try it on some other loops and they did have handles. Maybe just a wacky loop.


Is your audio track Locked ?

Nope, might be an uncooperative loop. It might be a midi file in an audio wrapper, whatever that means.
No biggie, it’s really just a couple of audio loops that are that way, but thanks for the response.


Seeing as how you’re a Packer fan ,I’m sure you’re used to disappointment ,heheheh! Anyway do Cntrl + A to select all on the event, handles should show up.

Niner fan here BTW

If you’re still having this issue, see if this helps… Click on the audio event then in the Menu bar click on Audio --> Dissolve Part. Hopefully you should now see the fade handles in the upper corners. I just happened upon this by accident myself late last night. The fade handles on one of my audio tracks suddenly disappeared after I made some inadvertent keystroke combination. I eventually tried the preceding the steps and Voila! the fade handles returned.


Brilliant! Thanks a lot. That did it for me :slight_smile: