Is this a plugin bug

The limiter works weirdly, I don’t think it should, and it happened after I upgraded to cubase 11.0.41.

The level meter displays very abnormally, and clipping occurs whenever the level approaches the threshold.But Waves L1 works very well…

I can’t upload video…

Where does it clip?
btw… 15dB gain?

My piano level only peaks at -12dB, so why can’t I set the input to -15dB? This is just a test audio.

I can’t upload video or audio, so you can’t hear what I hear. As I said earlier, even if the level meter does not show clipping, I can hear clipping sound as if the limiter is not being used.

Are you an engineer or programmer? If you are, please give me your email address. I can show you how crazy my limiter sounds. And I’m sure it should never make that sound!

What makes you so sure about it?

What automation is the limiter reading ?

That’s my mistake. Automation doesn’t actually change anything

Just give me your email, and you’ll understand

You’re wasting my time. You don’t understand why I’m hearing clippings. If I don’t know how to use limiter why wavesL1,L2 work well, why fabfilter L2 work well, why izotope limiter work well, just cubase limiter work wrong ?????

I have tested all the limiter I own and only the Cubase limiter has a problem. I’m asking myself why DO I have to pay for updates every year to a program that keeps getting bugs??

If you can fix it, give me your email and I’ll send you the audio of the test that went wrong. If you can’t, don’t waste my time getting me to text you back.

You hear distortion, not clipping.
Clipping produces distortion. But too much limiting can produce distortion as well, even on other limiters.
That’s what I’m trying to say all the time…

They are all different limiters… that’s why!
And it is no bug since it is working on many installations as expected…

Well, my English is not very good,I apologize if I wasn’t clear earlier.

According to what you said, I heard distortion.
Why cubase’s limiter makes a distorted sound at any gain reduction…any gain reduction…
Even a gain reduction of -1dB produces distortion, which is not a problem with any other limiter.

I remember very well that cubase’s limiter didn’t produce distorted sound even with -3dB gain attenuation in earlier versions. This issue came up immediately after I updated it, so it was definitely a processing error.

Have I made myself clear?

Here are two images, one of distorted audio using limiter and one of normal audio using L1

Uploading: 2.png…

Dis (2.2 MB)

I did a quick test 10 min ago, 12dB of gain reduction without distortion. And I did this before…
That’s why I’m saying that it’s not a bug.
Did you test it without other plugins in the project?

Yes, I did. There are no plugins other than limiter and test audio, both plugins and channel bars have this problem.