Is this an automation bug?

Hi folks,

I’m running up against what seems to be a nasty automation bug (although i’m open to the suggestion i’m being a dumb-ass)

This is the behaviour i’m experiencing:

I’m record some automation. After i hit stop, the track (lane) with automation turns full red, and after that i can’t do anything else with that automation lane. I can’t record any more auotmation for that parameter, and i also can’t delete or move any of the automation line points.

In the attached screenshot you can see it’s happened twice. First on the FX track. Then i moved on to the audio track, recorded some automation, then that one locked up as well.

Anyone seen something like this before? Any idea what’s making these tracks turn bright red and lock up?

Thanks! …J


The affirmation track should turns to red while writing, not after.

This is happening to me too. Is there still no solution?