Is this an interface problem? Or is it a problem on the Cubase12 side?

In Cubase’s studio settings, the clock source shows Setting.

I don’t think this is normal.

Of course, in the control panel it is definitely set to Internal.

When I set the audio system to Generic Low Latency ASIO Driver
It comes up as Internal in image 2 without any problem.

It seems that Cubase 12 has been updated recently.
I tried to install a new Cubase, but the result is still the same.
Is this an interface problem?
Or is it a problem on the Cubase 12 side?

I’m not sure about the Clock Settings drop-down. I’ve never seen it in an active state: always grayed out. Your settings with the Fireface USB look normal, and match my settings. Are you experiencing a problem or just unsure about the settings? It might just be that you can’t use an external clock with the Generic ASIO driver so there are no settings so it displays Internal, whereas since the RME units can act as an external clock source, it displays Settings, so that you can select either internal or external. I think it might be grayed out because that setting is controlled from the RME control panel.

RME Fireface 800 Control Panel

Thank you for your reply.

I recently found this on RME’s website in Japan.
On RME’s website, the interface is Fireface UCX, but the clock source is listed as Internal.

But in my studio setup, it shows “Setting” as the clock source.
And it is distorted upwards, not as beautifully as your clock source shows.
This distortion does not go away no matter how many times I redo it.

If I view Youtube without launching Cubase 12 in your setting, does the video and sound go wrong?

No, but I have a second interface, a Line 6 Tone Port, that I use for my system audio. My RME Fireface 800 is dedicated to Cubase and other audio applications.

Yes i believe it to be some sort of bug on the graphics , i have the same , instead of showing Internal it shows settings and you can actually click on that box and it should go back to normal , i think it’s a communication thing between Cubase and Rme

And here’s a shaky video the same thing