Is this color scheme normal?

Is this color scheme normal?

Increasing the color density of the active (currently selected) track makes it difficult to see the text color.
If possible, I would like to see the text color inverted, as in past Cubase versions.

(The image on the left is Cubase 13 and the one on the right is Cubase 12.)


I have edit all the color and reset my monitor settings, its way better then C12, so they are on the right way. But more work to be Done. And good if they say what pixel type and form is best for the fonts and GUI.

every thing in cubase 12 Gui better
the fonts more clear
the icons high quality
the size better for more tracks to see

cubase 13 its bad Gui and not professional And tired to look at


yes, I also quite like the color scheme of C13. It looks modern.

I apologize for not conveying what I was trying to say.
I have been finding it difficult to see the active colors in the default color scheme of C13.
So, as in one previous post, I increased the intensity of the highlight color of the selected track. (As in C12. I like the distinct color scheme of C12.).

Then the color scheme of the letters would also be white, so the letters would be difficult to see.
I thought I wanted ideas on how this could be improved! sorry.

(↑This is an extreme example.)

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the size better for more tracks to see

tired to look at

I agree with this as well!

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