Is this expected Cubase behavior - random MIDI timing ?

A saga of trouble shooting random MIDI timing problems in Cubase 6

I’ve had a stable MIDI setup for just about forever.

Then in the last week or so I noticed when I hit “stop” after recording MIDI, the MIDI part (which had been clearly displaying MIDI “notes” in the usual fashion while recording) poofed away - was gone from the project window display. I sort of ignored it when it started, just rerecorded or something, and things seemed normal.

Then last night, the problem was persistent, despite project close, Cubase quit, turn MIDI keyboard off and on, reboot computer, etc.

Troubleshooting, I found that if I opened the MIDI editor, the notes were there! They were just gone from my project window display. And when I looked very closely at the project window, there was a thin line at the time the recording started.

I checked, and I had “Use system timestamp” checked, as I set it a while back. I thought that was the solution to everything??

I was kind of in a tearful :smiling_imp: by this point, once again reduced by Cubase into nothing more than a button-jabbing spinal preparation. Remembering something from my VST days (and confirming in that excellent SOS article from 12/07) I dragged the “ignoreportfilter” file from the MIDI Port Enabler folder into the main Cubase folder. All the emulated ports came up. A new “Use system timestamp” option appeared, for the Direct Music emulated ports, so I checked that one also. I inactivated the emulated ports that had appeared on my port list, saved all that, and then recorded some MIDI … no change, disappearing MIDI display from the project window was still happening.

So I backtracked on everything, dragged the “ignoreportfilter” file back to its home folder, put everything in the same state it was when I first noticed the problem.

And then, for no reason I can figure out, everything started behaving normally - I’d record MIDI, hit stop, and the part wouldn’t disappear.

Is this expected with Cubase - random bug-like behavior that doesn’t respond to troubleshooting, but randomly gets better on its own? Do other people ever get that? Is it the Cubase gods randomly demanding sacrifices for the privilege of using the program :smiley: ?

I wonder if this is the consequence of running C6 on SX?

Thanks for any thoughts on this.


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