Is this normal.

When i open the mix console the transport bar disappears. i have to reopen the transport bar.when i close the mix console the transport bar stays visible. when i open mix console it disappears again.

I can see that this wood be handy option in some situations. bud i prefer to keep it open.

So is this normal in cubase 7 or is something that need to be fixed.

What OS are you on?
It may be helpful to know what the MixConsole is set to as well - is it windowed or full screen?

I’ll check later but don’t think it happens on my PC. You can also now bring up the transport stop/start etc. functions in the new mixer toolbar (with a right click).

it is behaving like that on the 64 bit version ,weather it’s ment to be like that only steinberg knows :wink:

mountain lion 10.8.2 ,windowed stretched out over the full screen. i test it making the mix console smaller. to my surprise now the transport bar don,t goes away very strange. bud when i resize it over the hole window the ttrans port bar disappears again.

I can’t duplicate this. The only thing is that the mixConsole does “cover” it. But, when I close the mixconsole it is still open.

what’s interesting is that I have this problem with the Channel editor now. If I have the mixconsole full screen and use F3 to close the mixconsole, it takes the channel editor out as well.

Yep, I have the same thing happen to me also, both Channel Editor and Transport disappear after closing the MixConsole.

Related to this thread is my guess.