Is this notation possbile without force duration?

Look at the example attached:
thwe first bar is, what Dorico’s default notation. I have a piece, where notation of bar 3 is the desired notation. Is there an option to achieve this by default without force duration? I think this is quite a common way to notate this rhythm in jazz (and other) music.

Hopefully I’m allowed to ask my question here because I came to post a question and saw this near the top, it seems very related:
I’d simply like to begin a 4/4 bar with a dotted crotchet rest? (I haven’t even worked out how to achieve that when forcing duration)

Heipet, yes:

Go to Notation Options > Note Grouping and set the following:

  1. (Top section) Notes starting on a beat ending in the middle of the beat: Notate as a single note
  2. (Rhythm dots) Maximum number of dots allowed in simple beats: 1

johncrev, rather than entering 4/4, enter [2+2]/4 (with the square brackets). That’ll effectively give you 2/2 but display 4/4.
Oh, and for entering it with Force Duration you just need to set the caret and type O 6 . , y

Thanks, Pianola, but your settings don’t work for me. Could you please attach a short example, so that I can have a look at your settings?

Heipet, you’re right, and I’m wrong. Sorry!

Daniel, I suspect that my “wanted notation” (see example above) is much more common e.g. in Jazz charts than Dorico’s default. Also, I could think of some other situations, where one would rather split the long note on count 4 instead of count 3. Would be a nice addition to have an option for this. Thanks for considering.

I agree that it should be possible to achieve this notation without using Force Duration. I’ll make a note of it and we’ll come back around to it when we next look at this area of the program (though this isn’t something that’s currently among our highest priorities).