Is this possible;Output XLR Of a fender ampli to the UR22 ?

Hi everyone

I think is th place to have an answer.

To do with my UR22 & Cubase 7, i have buy a Fender ampli Mustang III v2 who have a USB connecxion to my PC.
But in Cubase i cannot have acces to my fender ampli even with Fender Fuse + Fender Asio or Universal Asio … like all the VST plugins i have … i understand, that can’t be done because Fender FUse is not a vst …

So i ask ; "is the UR22 can accept the XLR output from the Fender ampli to the Input of the UR22 … I need to have the sound of the Fender ampli by passing via the Ur22 and finally to Cubase…

I ask Because i have try to insert the XLR cable to the input of the UR22 & it wotk but even if i put the input to zero the sound was still heard … maybe it’s because the volume of the Fender Ampli was to high ???

Thanks a lot everyone!

Yes you can plug the “line out” of the Fender in UR22 input.
You may have sound even at the lower position because with the UR22 input button you can setup the gain not the level. :wink:

maybe its better to try an XLR to TRS cable, i think the UR22 XLR inputs are for mic gain levels only, so your signal may distort even with the lowest gain settings in UR,( but its ok if you play heavy metal :wink: )