Is this possible, pitch melodic loop?

I’ve found some nice melodic loops where i really like how the lead sounds. Is it possible to edit the individual notes to another melodi? I believe there should be an editor for this within cubase pro 10.5


Yes, this is possible by using VariAudio or SpectraSonic tool.

Thank you i’ll have to try this

If it’s dry monophonic material, Variaudio should work great. I haven’t tried Spectrasonic for this (or anything) yet, but that’s interesting.

Another angle… I’m lazy so I might even just split at each note and use the transpose clip field to repitch each clip. This wouldn’t be great if the notes overlapped at all.

I believe some of them has reverb, will try to see how it works with variaudio. Splitting the audio and transpose each notes sounds like an even easier way. What are your result, does it sound good or does it give any artifacts? I would also like to try this with bassloops but i’ve heard it doesn’t give that good results.