Is this possible? Snap Project Cursor to selected note

Is there a way, Key command, Macro, Logical Editor, to do the following:

In the Key Editor, with one midi-note selected, move the Project Cursor to the beginning of the selected note.

Reason why:

After tapping a midi track to an audio track in order to build a Tempo Map, I first want to visually check the alignment between de audio and the midi. To do this I open an Audio Editor and a Key Editor, in the latter I position the Project Cursor at the start of a midi note and check in the Audio Editor where that midi note is positioned in the audio.

With several hundred midi notes to check it would help if I could tap TAB (select next note) en tap XXX to align de Project Cursor.

Is this possible?

Thanks in advance.

My way to do that would be this:

  • select the next note
  • bring the locator to selection start. On my keyboard that would be “L”
  • press play

You should be able to combine any of those steps into a macro. Or can you put the keys close to each other on your keyboard.

Hope that helps.

Double post!

I’m not at my computer now, but I think all you have to is

  • select the note in the key editor
  • press P
  • press 1 (on numeric keypad)

Thanks 7heFatRat and RichardTownsend. I didn’t know that “set locators to selection” also applied to individual notes. I made a macro and it works perfectly!