Is this possible?

Ive become quite used to using Pro Tools for sound design for video and Im missing the ability to drag around audio clips and have the timeline follow me while I do so. Lets say you want to relocate a sound effect. It would be great if you could pick it up and have the timeline (and hence, video) follow you while you do so. So you could actually see where youre dropping clips to the very frame rather than taking a guess. At the moment its quite finicky making a marker first or leaving your cursor exactly at the point you want to move something to before moving a file. This should also be the case when deagging files from the mediabay.

Is there a simple preference or somesuch Im missing that will allow the timeline to follow the cursor when dragging events?


I feel your pain. This is a feature Cubase could definately benefit from.

Best bet is to assign a key to acitvate the command " move events to locator." Hightlight the clip you wish to move. Find the correct spot by dragging in the time line and press your key shortcut.

Also missing is the ability to export video file. Put those two in and a lot more protoolers could make the jump. Without them doing sound to video in Cubase can be frustrating.


Nuendo only feature…

Thanks for the tip, Kev Vin :wink:

Damn I thought this might be a Nuendo exclusive feature, which is really silly given that Steinberg promote Cubase as a composers DAW of choice. This is something composers would have much use for.

Also I know what you mean about not video export. Ive been ranting about this for a long time. I guess Steinbergs reponse is “buy Nuendo”. Again this is a valuable tool for composers (or, at least, engineers who work with composers like myself). Anyone who has ever had to make 40 odd quicktime score previews for a director via Cubase’s lame ‘link audio to video’ (or whatever its called) will know what I mean :frowning: