is this "Propagate Properties" not functioning as intended?

I have a score in which there is a player playing multiple woodwinds. In Write Mode, I’ve highlighted the clef that appears before the tenor in Page view; I’ve then chosen Edit–Clef and specified that it be “bass clef” when in Concert pitch (for the Full Score) and “treble clef” when Transposed. To be safe, I’ve selected the entire Full Score and then chosen Edit–>Propagate Properties.

My question: Shouldn’t this automatically propagate my choice of Transposed Pitch clef (treble) for the actual woodwind Part? I ask because when I go there, it’s still in bass clef (just checking!)

  • D.D.

Is this an explicit clef (one that you added yourself) or an implicit clef (one that Dorico shows automatically)? You can only specify a Clef Transposition Change for an explicit clef. I would think that if you’ve done that correctly there’d be no need for Propogate Properties - it’s irrelevant.

P.S. “Clef Transposition Change” was the best I could come up with before morning coffee. Anyone got a better term for it?

I’m not sure why, but something has gone wrong with specifically baritone sax every time it appears (defaulting to bass clef in Parts for some reason). I’ll have to check this more when I get more time…

  • D.D.

Apologies if this is too obvious, but is there any chance at all that your Part Layout is in concert pitch?

It’s not…

The choice of clef for concert and transposed pitch is not determined by way of properties, so Propagate Properties will not copy that setting. However, as Leo says, that’s immaterial, because the clef has that setting at all times anyway: regardless of which layout you’re looking at, the clef has one setting for concert pitch, and an optional setting for transposed pitch, and it will simply use the clef appropriate to the current layout transposition.