Is this the right forum?

I haven’t logged on in quite a while (had to request a new pasword and had to probe my memory for my user ID). I remember one WL Forum where I had to use the number on my eLicenser to get full privileges, so, I’m wondering if I am on the right (and active) forum or if that requirement has changed.



that’s the common WaveLab forum. You don’t need another key to log in.


Is my aging memory failing me, or was/is there another forum only open to eLicenser owners? I seem to remember trying desparately to sign on, but could not read those blasted numbers on my eLicenser dongle, LOL. I actually wound up taking a macro photograph to make out the numbers.

Now, I believe my number is available at the eLicenser center or somewhere online. When I had to replace the hard drive on this machine, I had to download the eLicenser driver (or software or whatever), and it was as simple as following the correct link and following the prompts to accomplish the required download.

Maybe I’m wrong about a forum that requires the eLicenser.

Thanks for your reply.