Is this VCA fader issue a bug, or am I doing it wrong?

When I add channels to a VCA group, a new fader appears. When I remove all channels from that group, the fader doesn’t disappear. When I re-add all those channels to a group, a new fader again appears, next to the old fader, with the same VCA group number. But I can’t find any way to remove the old VCA fader that isn’t being used by anything.

Also, When I deselect all linked settings apart from using the fader for volume, changing the record-enable, monitor, etc buttons on any single channel changes the same status toggle on all the channels, and to enable record on just one of the channels, I have to ungroup all the faders, then change the status, do whatever work I want to do, and then regroup all the channels to a fader again.

Are things supposed to work this way, and if not, how can I accomplish this differently?

To clarify, what I would like to be able to do is enable record or monitoring on select tracks in a VCA group, without arming or enabling monitoring on all tracks just by changing one of them. And I don’t want to have to degroup all track just to record on some of them.

And I found that I can remove a VCA fader from the main sequencer window, but not in the mixer window.

Also, I can only add 8 VCA faders, but I could use a lot more.