Is this video from Steinberg misleading? - Pro Tools Key Commands

Howdy folks,

As I continue to try to migrate from Pro Tools to Nuendo 8.1, the steepest learning curve is figuring out the new key commands. When I first started looking into Nuendo, I was intrigued by this video from Steinberg: Specifically, at :34, the narrator indicates that you can just select Pro Tools Key Commands. It seemed like a great idea from Steinberg to get users to switch from other DAWs. I tried doing this in N8, but that preset isn’t there. What I think Steinberg did was manually program PT key commands into Nuendo, then saved it as a preset called “Pro Tools Key Commands.” Hell, they probably didn’t even do that. They probably just made a preset with that name for the video.

Soooo… if that’s the case, is there a way to export all of the key commands from Pro Tools into a format N8 can understand? Or has some great, brave soul on this forum already had to go through this and has a PT preset that they would be willing to share with us? If not, perhaps I will take this on and share it with y’all, daunting as that may seem.

I appreciate that Nuendo is at least flexible enough that it allows you to edit the key commands at all. Still, I wish they had been more clear about this in the video. Your thoughts?

Check your installation as those key command presets certainly exist.

For what it’s worth I’d use Nuendo key commands.
Years ago when I started using Nuendo besides PT I first tried to use PT key commands set that I did myself. It didn’t take me long to realize that if I try to use Nuendo as a PT I would not learn to use Nuendo and would not use Nuendo to its full potential.
I’d suggest just take the dive and learn Nuendo as it is. I’m pretty sure that quite soon you’ll master Nuendo key commands.

PT and Nuendo are two different daws. Both have their plusses and minuses. Learn both as they are. That is my advice.

I would recommend as well to use the Nuendo Keycommands first and then just add your own ones or change them to your liking further on.