Is "Undo" sometimes a little too specific?

I’m sure they have Undo History on the long list of things to implement.

A month later, I worked a lot with Dorico and learned a lot.
After 20 years of Finale, the switch to Dorico is quite a hurdle.
I am very happy with the switch, but the undo function in Dorico still makes me very sad.
I can’t get used to it.
An additional problem is that there is no quick way to go back to a saved version of my work. (revert to saved) This is a feature that is available in many software and is very useful.

See here about automatic backup files. It’s quite easy to reopen one of these.

Hi Mark,

Autosave is a very useful feature in case your computer crashes, but not in a normal workflow.

Suppose I want to go back to a previously saved version:

  • I need to find the autosave file on my computer
  • I need to open the file
  • I have to close the first project
  • I am asked if I want to save that (answer - no)
  • I now have to overwrite the first project with the autosave project - choose save
  • Since this is a save as I have to look up the original project
  • After asking if I’m sure I can overwrite it

“Revert to saved” followed by an answer to the question whether you are sure is certainly much less work.

In my work with Dorico, the creative process requires you to try and experiment a lot.
If I like the result I save it, if I’m not satisfied with my trial I want to go back to a previous, consciously saved version. This happens very regularly.

“Revert to saved” or an “Undo” function (only edits, no selection) are huge time savers.
I would love to have both of these options in Dorico.

Groet, Marien

Note that Dorico has both autosaves and automatic backups, and there’s a difference. In case of a crash, autosaves are offered when you relaunch. Automatic backups (up to 5 by default) are made whenever you explicitly Save, so to go back farther than the last save, yes you do have to find it and open it manually. But your list of steps seems calculated to make it look as long as possible. If what you want to do is just revert to the last saved file, I would describe that in 2 or 3 steps.

Or rather than closing and being prompted to save the project:

  1. Save As a new file with a new version number/date in the file name.
  2. Close.
  3. Open the file with yesterday’s version number/date.

Thank you Mark and Pianoleo.
Of course there are several ways to solve this within Dorico. It is only quite cumbersome, and in software such as Finale or Pro Tools very simple and fast. That is the only thing I want to notice.

Groet, Marien