Is UR22 Audio Interface compatible with MacOS Monterey 12.1?

Hi everyone,

Yesterday I updated my MacOS to the latest version Monterey 12.1 and then my Steinberg UR22 audio interface stopped being recognised. It is no longer available in Logic Pro X and even in the System Preferences > Sounds options.

I have installed the latest Yamaha drivers - Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver 3.1.1 which I believed was released in November 2021.

I have Logic Pro X version 10.7.2.

Does anyone know if the UR22 and its latest driver is compatible with Mac0S Monterey 12.1?

Many thanks.

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Hi. I had the same issue with the UR22, Pro 11 and Monterey. Try downloading the UR22c driver, which worked fine for me.

Hey same problem I have MBP M1PRO 2021 model with MAC OS 12.1, any working solution? tried every drivers possible still not working :confused:

no fix yet…just wasted 3 hours of my life

Spent all my morning trying to connect UR22 to my Mac Book pro M1 pro. Using the instructions of steinberg. I had no appereance of the rosetta or the security changes. will try downloading driver for ur22c

Did you get any solution?

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Ya, wondering when it will be safe to upgrade MacBook Pro (13-inch, M1, 2020)
From: Big Sur 11.6.2 (20G314)
to: Monterey
IMHO this is really shabby support from @Steinberg

Bump, is it working for anyone?

Hello to all who faced this problem,
all you need to do is to update the driver version to 3.1.2,
go to the page downloads page and choose UR22-C then download a tools for UR-C, it contains the needed version.

Where is the download page. I just spent 4 hours with my UR22 and after that I biked to buy

Select your audio interface from “Downloads Hardware”.