Is using multiple audio systems with Cubase AI 11 possible?

sorry for the newbie question.
I just started using an electric guitar and connected my Yamaha THRII to my PC, just as my steinberg UR22.
When recording, one track should record voice from the UR22, the other one the guitar from the THRII.
So is using multiple audio systems at the same time with Cubase AI 11 possible? So far I was only able to use one at a time and then need to switch in the studio setup to the different audio system, which is kinda bothersome.

Thanks in advance!

You can only run one ASIO driver at a time & each of those uses a different driver so only one can be active at a time.

The Generic ASIO driver that came with Cubase, and also ASIO4ALL, can be configured to talk to multiple devices. But the cost of that is increased latency.

If the THRII has an analog out you could route that to the UR22 - which would mean an additional D/A and A/D conversion. On a lot (most?) of electric guitar sounds the conversion probably isn’t very audible.

thanks for the quick reply raino

The THRII has a phones output, I guess I could take that as the input for the 2nd Mic/Line input. I think a jack to jack cable should be the cheapest method, right?

I’ll try to figure out how to use multiple devices on Generic & ASIO4ALL and see if it bothers me, thank you for the help!

I took a look at it online and yeah that looks to be the only analog out. Seems like they could of popped for the line out jacks like on the other versions. Be careful about the headphone’s level when initially playing with this - start super low to avoid accidentally getting blasted.

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haha I will, thanks for the help!