is VCA safe to use now ?


had issues and saw lots of posts about how vca faders were messing with automations in previous versions.
is this still the case in 10.3 ?

Still broken.

Omg., I just started to mix a doc with that thing today :worried:

Make sure you have automation nodes at the beginning of tracks/channels that you control. I recall a fair amount of the problems were solved by that.

VCAs by themselves are “okay”. As soon as you add automation into the mix then VCAs are broken and I wouldn’t recommend using them at all in their current state. Unless you are aware of all the pitfalls you can run into the situation where your mix is destroyed either when automating new elements, loading the session etc.

This bug (out of many) for example is still an issue:

  • Create a new project
  • Create an audio track
  • Set audio track to -10dB FS
  • Create a VCA which is connected to that audio track (VCA @ 0, audio track still @ -10)
  • Draw some automation on the VCA channel which goes from 0 to -oo (e.g. a few bars into the project)
  • Position the cursor on the VCA automation which is @ -oo and save the project
  • Close the project
  • Re-open the project
  • Position the cursor at the front of the project

–> Expected: Audio track would be @ -10dB FS at the front of the session with the VCA @ 0
–> Action: Audio track is now @ 0dB FS with the VCA @ 0

This feature has been introduced 5 years ago. :unamused:

I haven’t had time to go through all the older bugs, most of which were fixed. I did do a quick test today and it seemed some of what I’d do was totally fine and worked as expected.

(I did not test the close/re-open bug)

Once I get time I’ll revisit it I suppose. I’d just say for now simply create a real simple test project and go through the automation workflow you normally use and see if everything behaves appropriately.

Does Lloyd’s of London insure against permanent disablement due to software stress?

worked on a mix yesterday.
today i listen… dam i miss some music… i look at the vca track looks ok… audio tracks also.
so i guess my ear was tired i push fader for what i need in the mix and realise the compensation i do is exactly the value i added yeasterday on the VCA track overall…3.5 dB i mean it’s weird.
Also i think i got the bug you described above i tried to move vca to -infinite and closed open session.
tracks with automations where fine but some tracks left at 0db where not playing until i move the fader a little bit. (no mute/solo)
i prefer not to use this vca until prooven safe. i’m afraid to loose to much time wondering if i’m crazy or not.

You’ve just described using them in a nutshell. You can’t trust them to give expected results and I wouldn’t recommend them to anyone in their broken state. Unbelievable that they have never worked properly after all these years…

This is really bad. We can’t use VCA’s like this.
And BTW, technically they should be called DCA’s and not VCA’s, because the later was used for analogue circuitos.