Is video export better in Nuendo than Cubase?

I use Cubase for my work as a composer. The video export isn’t great with very large file sizes poor quality. I’ve recently updated my Nuendo licence but haven’t used it for work yet. I just wondered if video export was any better in Nuendo? I’m guessing not as they’re basically the same program but if it was better I’d switch over right away. Personally I’d be happy with smaller file sizes or at least the ability to change compression, quality, resolution etc to bring the file size down.

Have you considered using something like ER Media Toolkit (paid) or Shutter Encoder (free), where all you have to do is export your audio, and those programs can then drop your new mixdown onto the video without the need to re-encode the whole video? It basically just instantly swaps the audio channel for your new one.

Much quicker than having Cubase or Nuendo export a whole video

As for your question though, I believe they are the same

Thanks I’ll take a look at those for sure. It’s just nice when you’re busy to export direct from Nuendo or Cubase. It’s all basically working isn’t it? It feels like somebody needs to go back to the video export funtion and do whetever’s needed to make the file sizes smaller. Anyway thanks again.

H264 with 35 MBit/s is overkill… who needs an actual H264 with such a high Bitrate? There are other codecs which would be better suited if you’d want a nice picture. ProResLT, DNxHD36 etc.
I create H264 for preview stuff, small pieces of a film for checking in with the production and so on. I don’t need such a high bitrate.
I, too, would love to see something to export in 5-8 MBit/s or similar. Best would be to export to whatever rests in the video track anyway, so no encoding needs to happen in the video side for quick exports.
When Steinberg introduces the new video enginge (in N8 I believe??) the word was to keep working on it to support other export functions and also to be able to read mxf containers and op1a codecs. Well… it’s been years


Totally agree with hendrix97, Nuendo’s video encoder at such a high bitrate is nonsense.

Can you not replace audio in video (instead of exporting video) from Cubase/Nuendo?

As long as only one stereo track is added during the video export, the export function is not usable for some tasks anyway. (At least not without also doing a separate audio export and then “repotting” everything into an MKV file.)

I only use the function when I want to test a short clip on consumer devices. (So that video track and separate audio mix are in sync with each other.)
For Dolby Atmos projects, the TrueHD with Atmos track must be created separately anyway. In these cases, the video export function in Nuendo is only the first step.