Is VST bridge still unreliable?

Just wondering. I am loading an old favorite (Native Instruments B4 Hammond) and it keeps loosing the bridge.

I haven’t had issues with any of my vst’s except for B4. It never worked reliably with Cubase. Sometimes yes, somtimes no. So IMO it is a B4 specific issue with Cubase. I have since gone to VB3 and never looked back. Works and sounds good (esp that classic Hammond B3 sound). Good price too.

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OK thanks Prok

BTW Prok, DId you check out Keyscape? If you like your retros its worth a listen, I bought it and its the best I have. No Hammonds, but some great keys

Cool… I will check Keyscape out. Hopefully they have a trial version available like VB3 has. Take care.

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No trials but I just love this video - Cory Henry whoah!

I see you’re on a PC so the following is perhaps not any good for you but I am including this solution for MAC as there may be some people wondering how to run older plugs without the bridge.

PatchWork from Blue Cat + 32 Bit Lives will make imaginary “64” bit AU versions of for example B4 from Native Instruments. In Cubase you then call up PatchWork that acts as a VST instrument in which you can load the AU plugins and AU instruments. Thus it works as a vst instrument in Cubase.

On my machine this is much more stable than jBridge. And the interface it better too. It is like having a 64 bit instrument. 32 Lives also has a VST converter now, but I have had many errors with it. Check the web site for 32 bit lives to see if there is a PC version available. AU works perfectly on the Mac and in the VST environment and it can also run newer AU instruments if you can’t get them as vst.

The two software applications are sold as a bundle but will take some of your hard earned cash, so if it is for only one instrument it is perhaps not recommendable, but if you want to breath life into something like Powercore, this is the thing.

I would also mention that B4 had been reissued by Native Instruments and called “Vintage Organs”. So if it is only B4 you’re after that might be a better solution.

However the plug/instrument must be recognizable on your MAC. Thing like Broomstick and Wizoverb won’t run on macs later than Snow Leopard. Even with PatchWork.

And if on PC Jbridge works fine

Thanks for the help folks, Yes I have Jbridge, it will work, I just try to avoid wrappers - but hey it works