is WAVE LAB necessary?

Looking at the list of VSTs in Wavelab is it redundant to purchase it when you already have most of those plugs in CB 7.5?

Can you burn a CD in CB ???

Since when does the use of Wavelab have anything to do with plugins?


It really depends what you are trying to do. Wavelab is something you would buy for the features and workflow that make it a unique and powerful mastering DAW. I wouldn’t buy Wavelab strictly for the VST plugins that it comes with.

Cubase isn’t designed for final mastering like Wavelab is, much like I wouldn’t want to record and mix a song in Wavelab.

If you have to ask the question, then you probably don’t need it.




It’s amazing what marketing can do. Read enough forums and you will find users “mastering” in just about everything. Hey…Cubase has a “mastering” template! :laughing:

You don’t buy Wavelab for the plug-ins. (At least I didn’t.) You purchase Wavelab because it’s a professional mastering/editing (and for me batch processing) application and unlike so many other pseudo-mastering programs and DAW’s that have “mastering” templates…offers excellent and timely technical support in this forum.

Translation: These are 2 very different programs, and for me Wavelab is absolutely necessary.

Wavelab is one of the most intuitive and responsive editors available. It’s reputation is primarily mastering usage, but I’ve implemented it as a powerful Radio Production tool. We have 22 systems with Wavelab installed and it gets used more than Adobe Audition and Pro Tools for critical and time sensitive editing projects. We use it to record and edit concert specials, talk programs and music shows. The Audio Montage alone is worth the price. I also produce music using Cubase and Pro Tools, but all of my critical editing, batch processing, mastering (and now format conversion) is done in Wavelab. There is enough difference between Cubase and Wavelab to warrant owning both as they complement each other quite well. If you take the time to demo it and read the manual, I’m certain that you would agree.

(and yes, this forum is a Godsend for tech support - very informed users and PG is the most responsive programmer I’ve ever encountered in this business. You can 't beat having support directly from the guy who birthed the product!)


+1 !


Being a user since WL4 I can’t emphasize enough how important and valuable PG’s presence has been here. He listens and is responsive! The assurance that you have excellent technical support plus an open avenue of communication between user and developer is what makes Wavelab very valuable for me.

Unfortunately I can’t say the same about most other applications…including Cubase. The lack of interaction & communication between user and developer is very poor IMO. I know you can’t really compare the two, but when it comes to communication Wavelab and Cubase are at opposite spectrums.

I almost got myself into a frenzy here which temps me to upgrade to 8.5. :mrgreen:

Re: is WAVE LAB necessary?
Well… You have just come into the barbershop asking if you need a haircut.


I asked this exact question last week and ended up buying it. While there are additional benefits such as mastering, CD layout, etc., the feature that sold me for an immediate need was the batch processing, made all the nicer with watch folders. It was a huge time saver over doing things manually a track at a time.

I anticipate a variety of benefits as I move into other projects and needs, but it’s already paid for itself.

Thanks everyone!

My question showed my sincere naivete regarding the vast differences between Cubase and Wavelab as many of you noted in a variety of ways, some clever, some blunt some humorous. At any rate after spending some time becoming acquainted with WL, I must say I’m hooked!

What a great tool, a must have and an essential element in any recording environment.

Still learning but my music is sounding better every day!