Is WaveLab elements 8 capable to open special format sound?

Hello. I have found Roland Sound Canvas SC-55 version Doom music. Downloaded all files from the Internet but recording is not suitable. Unlike in the original Doom game ending doesn’t match with the beginning. So I’m using Slade 3.0 extracted d_e1m5.mus into desktop. None modern player is playing it. But when I renamed it into d_e1m5.midi then both Windows media player and winamp can play it. The soundtrack is made originally at id Software by Bob Prince. The beggining and ending after loop match and listener cannot feel where it end and starts. I can open FLAC file recorded from Roland Sound canvas where the end is fading out. My mission is to cut the track so precisely that it would match with the one at midi. But Steinberg Wavelab cannot open these ancient formats. Although music is awesome.

Can you encourage technicians at Steinberg to implement this feature? To make it possible to decode mus/midi?
Or there is the way but I don’t know?

Currently WL Elements 8.0.3 is trying to open unrecognized file format at 44 KHz and one of many sample rates. But all of them fail and the soundtrack sounds too short and horrible.

MIDI is not sound/audio. Midi is musical data used to be played by synthesizers (like the SC-55). Wavelab has no VST synthesizers built in (and most probably never will), but a program like Cubase has. Depending on what you want to do with the resulting audio you might look into that.

I don’t know anything about midi except what Arjan said, but if you’re actually getting audio from the files in Winamp, it would seem you could convert to WAV in Winamp with “send to - format converter”.

You can use e.g. Awave Studio to load the MUS format directly and render it to WAV which you can then edit and loop in WaveLab. If it’s a one-off the 30-day trial will do what you want, otherwise support the author and buy it … it’s a great utility.

It would be great to convert using winamp. I tried several times today but it failed because it cannot find decoder. Long time ago I’ve bought Winamp PRO with some extended features. I have entered special key when winamp required. But when I came to this it disappointed me. Maybe I don’t know smth or missing decoder.

I also want to thank MrSoundman for good program offer that did what I expected.