Is Whats Missing in Groove Agent 5se Included In Groove Agent 5

The Categories of music that i would like to listen to more in Groove Agent 5se are more or less non existent.
So when i click on Reggae,World Ethnic there is no content,Country music is not much better.
So basically is the missing content included in Groove Agent.
Also i am looking for any recommendations as to who produces quality midi drum packs that i can purchase, thanks

In the paid version you get the percussion kit Kat that comes with more Latin style instruments

So maybe its the accoustic kit that has the,reggae,world ethnic etc that is missing from Groove Agent 5 Se,thanks

There are a couple of performance features plus live sampling too.

Live Sampling
Percussion Agent
Jam Mode

Probably the 4 things that matter.

Personally, I would not get Groove Agent 5 unless part of Absolute Bundle. If you’re big into Drum Sampling, then get Battery 4 instead, or use Maschine or MPC if you’re already in that hardware ecosystem.

As for the categories of music, Steinberg doesn’t have a ton of expansions for Groove Agent, but there are expansions for other genres. They just aren’t bundled with Cubase. You either get them included in the Absolute Bundle, or you buy A La Carte.

Thanks ,I dont think its rocket science unless you make it that way ,basically purchase some midi drum patterns or make up some of your own, I’m fairly positive that i will push my very limited talent to make a couple of midi drum loops that will suit my basic needs.
Thanks , allyupo

I think something very useful about it is the create slice feature. So what I do is drop a whole loop into a pad. Then above the waveform I press the “slice” button. Then below at the bottom of that screen I press “create slices”. Then there will be a little midi socket icon with a yellow tab on it. Drag that to the instrument track and it creates the midi to play the loop. Then quantise the midi notes and start moving them about to make new patterns. Sometimes it comes to nothing but often you get a really interesting new loop.

You can also do it with bass lines or leads and they stay in key, you just create a different melody with the notes from the original loop.

You can slice loops in the Sampler Track, AFAIK.

I did wonder why I was getting nowhere with that function, thanks

Sometimes RTFM helps :wink: