Is Windows Defender enough for a DAW workstation computer?

I’m trying to cut through the Antivirus marketing fluff. I see Microsoft has been careful to not claim the bult-in Windows Defender is an antivirus, but instead calls it anti-malware. I think this might simply to not get the hackles up of the 3rd party antivirus companies. I’d like to not run a 3rd party antivirus on my DAW workstation running Windows 10 Pro, to make it run as fast as possible. For a DAW workstation which is connected to the Internet, is running the Windows Defender going to be safe enough?

On the other hand, when I run a 3rd party antivirus, Windows AV is turned off. Are there any 3rd party antiviruses which are faster than Windows Defender?

It is even enough for my Internet computer…

Definitely enough for me. I’ve had zero problems.

I only use the Windows built in Security features and I am comfortable and had no problems.
I do consider myself relatively aware of potential threats and how to avoid them though.
So maybe Windows Security is not good enough for people who don’t recognize the threats or those who use risky websites.

TL;DR - Yes, Windows defender is good enough.

Longer answer - best to check the current antivirus benchmark ratings. Windows Defender ranks very well these days. Here’s a quick google response showing several of these benchmark ratings and how Windows Defender stacks up.

I also use Defender. It works well, is integrated into the OS and is pretty much set-and-forget.

Also keep in mind that all the anti-virus vendors share their virus profiles with each other so they all detect the same viruses at close to the same time when a new one comes along. Kind of a product herd immunity…

I’ve been looking for a third party AV because windows defender tells me it’s found threats every time I turn the computer on, reading this though makes me wonder if the isn’t something wrong with my windows defender… :confused:
I downloaded and scanned the computer with Malware bytes free version which said all clear so has any one experienced the false positive thing with defender?

I have it running on my music pc and my normal pc and my wife’s pc… Never happened on any of these

I’ve never had a “false positive”. Maybe try to look at what software/apps/processes your computer loads on start up and disable everything that you don’t know what it is or isn’t needed, and see if it goes away. If it does then reenable gradually.

I’ll give that a go, good advice :slight_smile: