Is your CC10 missing in Quick Control too?

In the Quick Control tab, I can’t seem to find/access CC10 (pan).
CC09 and CC11 is there, but not 10. All others, from 1-127, are there though.
In the key editor (and other editors) I can get to CC10, but not in the Quick Control setup.

Can anyone confirm this?
(I’m on Artist 8.0.20)

If this is true for all, why would this be?

Just had a look and yes it is missing here too in v 8.0.2 (not that I ever use it personally).

It is there (also, you should have noticed that CC#7 is “missing”), but they are indeed there, higher up the list, as “Pan” and “Volume”, respectively.

Ah yes, 7 is “missing” too.
But you brought the answer: They’re separated from the list and moved up on top of everything.