Isn't Cubase 12 Mac Studio ready? Cubase freezing!

Seems that Cubase 12 pro isn’t ready yet for Mac Studio. I have 64 GB ram and Cubase freezes every time when I add an Instrument track and load an instrument. How is this possible?
Image 2022-05-26 at 10.39


on my Mac Studio max it works fine. Are you running Cubase in Rosetta mode or silicon native? I learned after a while that Cubase 12 is set to Rosetta mode by default and you have to switch it to silicon native mode on your own.

Yes , what I did was tick to run it in Rosetta and then open C12 and then close it. Then untick Rossetti mode and open C12 again, now it will be in native mode. Even though Rosetta is unticked it’s not native when first installed.