ISO Image of audio (not data!) CD from a Montage

Hi Folks, I have a query regarding Wavelab 11 Elements.
The manual suggests I can select ISO-Image from the device prompt - but it only lists my CD drive as a device. I can create a data CD and write an ISO image - but I 'd like to render an image of an audio CD from my montage keeping the CD text and gap and gain info. Is this possible? Thanks in advance.

It’s not possible to print a CD to an ISO image.

Wow, what a huge oversight in a supposedly professional audio product. The tool has the option to write the iso file ahead of burning it (presumably as doing the render and write operation simaltaniously was once too CPU intensive) - so why not give the user the option to keep that file? Or create it independantly? Thanks.

This is not an oversight: there is no standard for this. No software in the world can do this.
ISO image are for data CDs, not red-book CDs.

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But you can rip audio CDs to an ISO image file - and as I said you can render the file before burning it already in the software - why not give the option to keep that file and reburn it again at a latter date?

No, that’s impossible.

This is an intermediary file, private to WaveLab. Not an ISO image.

To make an image of a CD, the solution is to generate a DDP image. This feature in only in WaveLab Pro.


Maybe you mean a cue sheet? This is a very common kind of an audio cd “image”, consisting of two files: the audio data (as wav or raw pcm) and the “cue sheet”, a text file containing all data to create the PQ-subcodes for the cd, incl. cd-text.
In WL-Pro you can create a cue sheet through the rendering dialogue, but I don’t know about Elements.


Thanks but £320 for one feature is a but rich for me! I wouldn’t use any of the other features.

This thread introduced me to DDP images - didn’t realise there was a distinction from ISO images - nethertheless it helped me. I bought HOFA CD-Burn.DDP.Master in the end (£70) and does everything I use in Wavelab elements (create a montage with CD-text) plus creating DDP image files without having to buy the hidiously expensive full Wavelab product. So if there’s someone like me who only wants to master audio CDs then archive an image file, the HOFA product makes much more sense financially.

Elements is named Elements for a reason.

I would consider a product that (essentially) takes input files to create output files to at least give you the ability to save a copy of the output. We live in an online world, particularly as the product is marketed to “Aspiring Musicians” according to the sales blurb - people who live online - so when one is asked to deliver a master - you would have thought delivering the content online (as a file) would be an elemental part of the elements product. The cut-down version of Burn.DPP.Master (45% cheaper than Wavelab Elements) does it - which is why I bought it. So rather than burning a CD and posting it to my client - I’m going to do what an “Aspiring Musician” would expect to be able to do with his semi-professional mastering software - and deliver the content online.