Isolation between flows


I’m really liking the flow concept - it maps more naturally to the structure of real works. However, I’m a little bit confused about what is intended to be isolated between flows, and what the implications are for workflow.

For example, the following seem to be shared between flows:

  1. Undo/redo tree - makes sense for project level changes, but can be tricky to deal with if you jump between flows. I wouldn’t necessarily want to undo a bunch of changes to one flow to go back to an older version of another flow.

  2. Mixer settings - if flows are intended to be useful for multi-movement symphonic works, it seems reasonable that each might want its own mixer settings.

  3. Voices - as I discovered while working on my possible strategy (2) here (, when you create a new voice in one flow, it is assignable to music in another flow. This seems to me to be unnecessary and a bit confusing.

I’m sure there are many other examples. Curious if others agree that there should be more isolation, or if it seems instead that I am using flows incorrectly.


It’s not actually the case that a voice in one flow is technically the same as a voice in another flow, but because voices in all flows have to be mapped to the same set of endpoints (i.e. combination of output device, channel, and patch), it is expedient to pretend the voices persist between flows in the limited case of mapping voices independently to endpoints. Otherwise, because all voices belonging to an instrument are mapped to the same endpoint in each flow, it doesn’t matter whether or not the voice is different.

I don’t think we have any interest in making flows more independent than they are at present, so I wouldn’t hold my breath expecting things like the ability to have a separate set of undo/redo actions for separate flows within the same project.