Isotope Ozone 7 creates click at top of rendered file

Wondering if anyone else is having the issue of Isotope Ozone 7 creating a click at the top of rendered files? This issue started creeping up on me with Wavelab 8 and I thought by upgrading it would get solved. But no. When I turn off all instances of ozone, files export correctly.

Currently using:
Wave lab 9.5.2
Ozone 7
Mac 10.11.6

Does the issue happen with both the VST2 and VST3 version of Ozone 7? I assume your version of Ozone 7 is the latest version?

Yes & yes. I seem to have ozone 7 working on the Master section buss without this click problem right now. I had to load a new instance and manually set it up. If I load a preset that I made, them the click happens. fingers crossed. When I try it on a track, the click gets printed.
I think it happens when you start using the tools more, turning on more things, tweeking more. then something happens that you can never back out of.
All your files have this weird glitch at the front.
I’m about ready to bail on ozone. It’s a headache.

Yeah, Ozone full is a pretty CPU intense plugin. I haven’t had this exact issue but I’ve had similar issues in WaveLab when there is a high CPU and/or latency plugin chain.

That being said, if you have Ozone Advanced you can load just the modules you need as standalone plugins instead of the entire CPU hungry plugin. I don’t use Ozone a lot in WaveLab but when I do, it’s just an individual module like Imager, Dynamics, or Maximizer.

They also have updated to Ozone 8 now so you may want to demo it to see if there is any improvement there.

That all seems about right to me. Use Ozone with caution.
I do have the Advanced, so I will use the single plugs and see what happens.