ISRC and CD-Text import

Hi. I do a lot of compilation projects and was wondering if there is a way to:

  1. import non-sequential ISRC numbers into the montage (possibly from a text file) and
  2. import the performer name into the performer field in the CD-Text Editor.

For a single artist CD I usually batch rename the markers to the song title using the, “import and insert - Line from text file”. Then I can use that marker info to automate the song title in the CD-Text Editor using the double red arrow. For the performer I just enter it at the beginning and hit the green arrow button and all the rest of the tracks fill in. But when the artist is different for each track it’s a pain because right now I’m copying and pasting each one individually.

Similarly, when the ISRC are sequential the CD Wizard is great, but most of my projects these days have non-sequential ISRCs…so I’m back to copying and pasting.

I’d love to be able to import the performer and ISRC info from a text file. Is this possible? Or is there any way to lessen the copying and pasting?


This is not possible currently. But this is not the 1st similar request.
Maybe this could be realized with an “import .cst file”.


That would be great. Thanks!