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I’ve been embedding ISRC codes into Wavelab masters for a while now, and I noticed that Sonoris’ ISRC editor cannot see them. Pieter of Sonoris states, “Your file has the isrc code written in the LIST INFO ISRC tag and in a id3 tag. The ISRC Editor looks for the isrc in the axml chunk, as specified by the EBU end MPG. This chunk is not present in your file.”

Is there something I’m missing? The app, does realize the ISRC code.

Thanks in advance!

You may need to provide more info as to how you are using WaveLab to add the ISRC code. I just checked a random WAV I mastered with the ISRC Editor app from Sonoris and the code is there.

My metadata preset in WaveLab tells WaveLab to add the ISRC code found in the CD-Text area of the Audio Montage to both the AXML chunk and the ID3v2 when rendering from the Audio Montage.Screen Shot 2021-04-12 at 12.39.39 PM

Thanks! Where I’m embedding the ISRC is into the .wav file metadata. I rarely see CD Masters much these days. So, it’s possible rendering a montage is the only way to see the ISRC in Sonoris?

Not exactly…but even those CDs aren’t as common these days, I find that using CD-Text to populate metadata in files rendered from the WaveLab montage is the best/fastest way to cover all bases. I enter the info once and it can go many other places.

Are you rendering from the montage or the audio editor?

Also, this is a very vague description. There are MANY places within that where the WAV feel can contain metadata…ID3v2, AXML, RIFF, CART.

You need to get the ISRC code into the AXML chunk for Sonoris to recognize it which is the proposed EBU standard, but the ID3v2 field is another common area that other pieces of software use.

The method I use puts it in both places automatically anytime I render a WAV (or mp3) from the Audio Montage when an ISRC code is present.

I’m using the audio editor for rendering. I’ve been embedding the ISRC in both RIFF and ID3v2. In the AXML area, I can right-click and see a dialogue where it appears I can add variables, but can’t click any. Mac OS refuses the clicks. So it appears there’s something there I’m missing, and I’m wondering if it will make any real difference.

I suppose I should be asking a more fruitful direct question. If I wish to embed an ISRC code into a .wav file, what’s the best place to do that, whether or not Sonoris’ ISRC editor can read it? Or, more importantly, is there a way to do this without going the montage route?

I’d be curious if you’ve figured out how to maximize the AXML chunk, but I did manage to come up with this, generated by Sonoris’ ISRC editor, then manually embedding this into the AXML chunk in Wavelab. Seems to work (obviously, substituting the ISRC code here):

<ebucore:ebuCoreMain xmlns:dc="" xmlns:ebucore=“urn:ebu:metadata-schema:ebuCore_2012”>ebucore:coreMetadata<ebucore:identifier typeLabel=“GUID” typeDefinition=“Globally Unique Identifier” formatLabel=“ISRC” formatDefinition=“International Standard Recording Code” formatLink=“”>dc:identifierISRC:INSERT_ISRC_CODE_HERE</dc:identifier></ebucore:identifier></ebucore:coreMetadata></ebucore:ebuCoreMain>

Sonoris reads this as expected.

Hope this helps! Thanks!

Did you try this?

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Thanks, yes! That would be handy. I didn’t see this before. However, if I try this after all the other meta-data has been filled out, it wipes out any other meta-data. Is it possible to “acquire” the ISRC code here without overwriting meta-data in other tabs?

Just do a copy and paste.

Problem: ISRC code doesn’t show up when some ISRC readers, such as Sonoris’ ISRC Editor look for it, even though it exists in the RIFF and ID3v2 Meta-data tabs. The problem is that readers may be looking for it in the AXML chunk of Meta-data, instead.

Solution: Thanks to PG1 and Justin_P, if I’ve already populated other meta-data, I’m not embedding ISRC into a CD/DDP image, and using the Audio editor vs. Montage to Master files, to try this:

COPY/PASTE this XML text below (manually replace ISRC:@ISRC@ with the ISRC code, if not done automatically) into the AXML field of Meta-data:

=====Start of text to copy/paste below this line (do not copy this line)=======================
<ebucore:ebuCoreMain xmlns:dc=""
<ebucore:identifier typeLabel=“GUID” typeDefinition=“Globally Unique Identifier”
formatLabel=“ISRC” formatDefinition=“International Standard Recording Code”
=====End of text to copy/paste above this line (do not copy this line)=======================

Thanks everyone for the input. :surfing_man:

This is just my opinion but I think even when mastering singles, it’s just easier to work in a montage where all your settings are saved within the montage file (plugins, edits, data, etc.) and you get a volume envelope for level automation and then you just enter any and all info one time and it gets embedded into metadata for all rendered files. You just put the ISRC code in the ISRC field instead of that headache of a text field.

The montage isn’t just for making CDs, and mastering singles in the audio editor has some limitations that the montage doesn’t have.

Just my two cents.

The montage isn’t just for making CDs and mastering singles in the montages has some limitations that the montage doesn’t have.

Sorry I am unclear as to what you mean…

I think Justin mean “Audio File” Windows too :slight_smile:

regards S-EH

Oops, I made a typing error that I fixed in the original post.

Thanks for clarifying, for a minute I thought there were two montages one of which I never heard of. Be safe!