ISRC Codes Query W11.1-Elements

I can see that ISRC’s can be added to CD tracks in a W11 Montage, but is it possible to embed an ISRC code into an individual track, that might not be part of a CD, so that PPL income can be directed to the correct Rights owner? ? (for example a track that may be downloaded or streamed on its own).

Yes. There are essentially two places where you can add ISRCs in a WAV file. One is in the ID3v2 metadata field, and one is in the AXML chunk. WaveLab can do both.

There is no way to know what the software that somebody is using downstream is going to look at (if any). There is no way to say how much value there is in having the code in the file but I do it for good measure because it can’t hurt.

The code itself is still taken from the CD-Tab, but with the right metadata setting when rendering each CD Track (not to be confused with each clip or selected clip), the ISRC will be embedded when rendering the files.

Can that preset be used in Audio File mode rather than Montage mode?
And can the metadata text be written by hand - not loaded from a text file?

I’m not sure if this is the complete answer to entering ISRC codes etc in W11.1-Elements, but for now it seems to work for me:

Select the MetaData tab and then open the MetaData window.
In the RIFF tab add the track title on the ‘INAM Name’ line and the artist name on the ‘IART Artist’ line. Then, in the ‘ID3/iTunes’ tab, select the ‘ID3v2’ tab and enter the ISRC on the ‘TSRC(i) ISRC’ line.

Hi Justin, I should have mentioned that I am using W11.1-Elements which does not appear to have the presets you are indicating.