ISRC encode feature & UPC/EAN

Good day all

I wish to “encode” ISRC into my audio files when exporting. And preferably UPC/EAN as well.

In Cubase, there’s a broadcast wave chunk/iXML feature in the “export audio mixdown” window
to tag some metadata of the project & author.
But not to encode the ISRC or insert UPC/EAN codes. [see attachment]

I understand the feature of encoding ISRC & UPC is present within wavelab mastering suite.
But as I and many others use different tools for mastering within Cubase itself,
The encoding feature of ISRC-UPC codes on final export would be a great solution to those users as well.

Just for that purpose of encoding ISRC & inserting UPC/EAN codes with the master audio files.
I saw HOFA plugins Burn & DDP software. It costs 60eur for the plugin.
I rather see the ISRC feature when I upgrade my Cubase to 9.5 ^_~

Hope you can make it happen Cubase team ^^
Keep up the great work, you guys are the best! Cheers
broadcast wave chunk-ISRC-UPC.PNG