ISRC Error

I’m trying to add ISRC codes to my tracks in the CD window in a montage along with CD-text.

I’m getting an error when verifying the CD: “an ISRC code starts with 5 ASCII uppercase characters and ends with 7 digits”

But yesterday I was issued a code with a number in the 5th digit…

Any ideas?
Thank you


you can have a # in the 5th digit

Here is some info that may help;

It will be a simple set of letters/numbers similar to this:


The US is the country - the 3 letters/number/set is “you”
(Note: there is a new country code now for the United States)

You make up the rest of the codes

The rest of the code will consist of: two numbers (like 09) for the year,
and five numbers after that (00001) for the song.

Final code song 1 = USJVM0900001
Final code song 2 = USJVM0900002

Thanks for the information, I understand. Unfortunately it seems as though Wavelab wants to see a letter not a number in the 5th spot - if I’m reading the error message right.

Anyone? Am I missing something really obvious?

The message you get might be a bit misleading, but WaveLab 7 accepts a digit at 5th position. What code do you try to type, and where exactly in WaveLab?

While I have the montage open, Specific tools>CD. Typing “QM-RW4-11-0001” into ISRC box. It enters fine, but when I try to verify the cd I receive the error.

WaveLab gives a valid warning: your code has only 11 characters (rather than 12). A digit it missing at the end, or a letter is missing at the start.