ISSUE: .3.5 Release wiped my sounds!

Hi, I’ve posted in the thread Timo started announcing the latest N6.5.3.5 release and I’ve opened a ticket - several days ago and not heard back from anyone. Timo is apparently on vacation.

The latest release wiped all but 2 of my VST Sounds. I was able to recover my HS-SE sounds from a system disk back up but I had only recently installed Halion Symphony Orchestra. Not all of which seems to be missing? It’s rather confusing. Before I simply re-install though I would like someone at SB to acknowledge this problem. I certainly regret loading this “update” as it didn’t seem include anything I really needed anyway.

Just did a recovery using Time Machine of the Nuendo 6.5 app from before the last maintenance release. The archive from Nov 3 had 90 files in the VST Sounds folder. After the “update” there were 2.

I’ve filed a ticket, I’ve posted on the thread announcing the update, and now I’ve properly formatted a post with the prefix “ISSUE” - still not one word from SB. I know Timo is on vacation, but if a customer files a support ticket. Isn’t the company supposed to at least CONTACT them???

What’s going on???