Issue aactivating Cubase Artist 8 from 7 (educational)

Good afternoon all,

Has any one else had the following issue:

I recently bought the upgraded for my Cubase Artist 7 (Educational) to Artist 8 using the recent 30% off promo.
When entering the Activation code provided by asknet (the retailer handling Steinberg’s sales) I get an error message of sorts - I have attached the screen shot.

Does anyone know what I should do here? This makes no sense to me. I have also contacted support but wanted to cover all bases.

I’m using an iMac on OS X 10.9 at present as Yosemite isn’t currently supported for Cubase Artist 7 so I never upgraded - especially after reading everyone else’s problems on here. I wanted to upgrade both and saw this as a perfect opportunity - at present I have only downloaded and installed Cubase Artist 8 as I wanted to get it working properly first. I also have internet connection (as it does ask in the message).

Help please kind sirs.


you have Cubase Artist 7.5 on that dongle, possibly updated for free via Grace Period.
I deleted the attached image as it carried the USB-eLicenser number (never post this publicly to avoid unpleasant situations).

I found your e-mail, I’m going to reply ASAP.
[Edit: Replied to your e-mail]

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